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Want the very best cold products? With Frosty Tech™ your brand can freeze the competition in their tracks.

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How Frosty Tech™ impacts cold products:

  • INSTANT COOLING -- Just add water through opening on package. Activates patented coolant and gets colder than ice in just 10 - 30 seconds, even in ambient temperatures of 95°F (35°C).
  • REUSABLE -- Place in freezer, super chills while staying flexible.
  • REGENERATE -- Water evaporates off, coolant dries out and retains 100% of its cooling ability for 100's of cycles.
  • FROZEN -- Place in freezer overnight (coolant inside already pre-mixed), freezes solid at 0°F. Incredibly cold for instantly making ice cream, slushies, and other chilled food & beverages.

  • More effective than any other cooling agent available.
  • Adaptable to any custom shape/volume, flexible or rigid packaging, and can even be formulated to achieve any freezing point or temperature desired.

  • ~20

    Gets Colder Than Ice
  • 0

    Number of Toxic Chemicals
  • 0

  • 0

    Cooling Drop °F

Frosty Cold

Product Applications

Frosty Cold has Dozens of Practical Applications
From Recreation, Refrigeration, Industrial, Medical, and many more.

Frosty Cold Product Application chart


Beverage Multi Pack
  • Serves as an instant ice chest for beverages purchased by the consumer -- 6-pack is activated by just adding water.
  • Designed for one-time instant use.

Just-Add-Water Instant Ice Packs

Instant Ice Pack
  • Activates in ~20 seconds with any kind of water (pond, lake, sea water, etc) -- perfect ice substitute, as it gets colder than ice.

Instant Ice Cream Maker

Instant Ice Cream Maker
  • Portable, no power required.
  • Freezer stored.
  • Makes 5 servings of ice cream in about 15 minutes. Can make even more servings as the plate remains frozen for up to 30 minutes.

Shipping Pads

  • Time-released cooling capabilities -- maintains cold longer than ice or any freezer pack.
  • Keeps contents dry and removes odor, moisture, and bacteria.
  • No mess, no fuss.
  • Can be used for the delivery of: fish, meat, fresh produce, chocolates, flowers, vaccines, blood & lab samples, and many more.


  • Custom koozies with pull-tabs that fit to any size drink.
  • One time instant use, can also be frozen and re-used.


  • Custom designed cooling solutions for boxed wine and other bag-in-box beverages -- consumer, industrial, military.
  • One time instant use, can also be frozen and re-used.

Zero Power Cooling

  • The world's first zero power cooling solutions that provide perpetual cooling without any source of power.
  • Coolant automatically regenerates via evaporation and can be re-used 100's of times over.
  • During regeneration and when combined with a solar-powered fan, provides basic evaporative air conditioning for a small area.

Self-Cooling MRE

  • Instant self-cooling MRE that could be available in any flavor drink -- activates powdered drink flavoring and separate coolant section, just add water.
  • Could also be used for other consumables such as: apple sauce, pudding, fruit, yogurt, and many more food & beverage products.

Medical Cold Wraps

  • Squeeze and shake to instantly activate cooling.
  • Custom wraps with pull-tabs that fit to any joint / area of the body.
  • Stays very flexible, even when frozen for re-use -- allows product to get full contact on the areas being treated.

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